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200 (Dog) Years in the Making... 


Kevin MacKenzie is the Founder and Owner of Pet Store In a Box. He has 28 years experience in the pet industry. That's almost 200 dog years! As a boy he would bug his parents to take him to every shopping mall or plaza that had a pet store in many different cities. They would take him because he had to see the local pet shop. He got his dream job where he started at age 15 at his local pet store where he learned the ropes and increased his love of all pets. 

Over one millions pets!

After over 10 years of working in a retail pet store he went on to work for a international wholesaler and distributor of pet supplies where his customers where the types of stores he fell in love with as a young boy. In the 17 years he was there he helped hundreds of stores, directly and indirectly taught tens of thousands of store staff and pet owners and ultimately helped in a small way the care of hundreds of thousands (millions if you count fish) of animals. In his 28 year career in pets he's proud to have assisted in the care of millions of pets, from goldfish to alligators and everything in between.
However, after that time it left him wanting more and left him wanting to help more. He couldn't stop thinking about how to make the pet industry better while having the end users, both the pet and the pet parents (pet owners) feel better about their purchase, while making it easier to get what they need and want and to save some money at the same time.
The idea came to him after writing his first book called How to Get Motivated and Stay Motivated - 123 Ways to Get Motivated in August 2016. Shortly after the release of that book he started working on his second book. It was a book on sales to celebrate his 30th anniversary in sales in February 2017. As he started to write a few chapters in September 2016 he started to think about what was lacking in pet stores and what he thought pet owners and pets deserved. Soon after Pet Store In a Box was born. Kevin said about his sales book “One day I'll finish it. This (Pet Store In a Box) was too important.”

The customer doesn't come first, the pet does.

The first thing he looked at were the toys. We all work hard and play hard. We lead busy lives and that often leaves our dogs and cats at home alone for long periods of time. Often owners return home to find the pets were just trying to keep themselves amused by chewing or scratching something they shouldn't have. Often, the dog or cat’s favourite toy is their only toy. They constantly need variety and stimulating toys to pass the time.
The next thing is treats. There are so many different ones because there are so many different types of dogs and they have sometimes difficult diets to follow and their pet parents want them to have the best but where do you start?
Next we have accessories. There's timely, seasonal, unique, needs and wants for all animals. It could be a new type of brush for your type of pet, essential waste bags, stain remover or whatever comes along. These are often the things you didn't know you needed until you need them.
Everyone loves surprises (think your birthday or other special occasion) and that's where the inspiration came from in creating a monthly pet supply subscription box service. The pet was the focus. “I want pet owners to spend less time shopping for their pet and more time playing with their pet.” said Kevin. 

Peace treaty is not included in the box.

Every month you will get a variety of premium pet treats, toys and accessories tailored to your pet’s individual needs. With dozens of combinations based on your cat or dog’s age (puppy/kitten, adult or senior), size (five sizes for dog), type of chewer, treat preference (allergy, healthy treats or a “real” treat or simply a preference) and type of toys (smart, fetch or play).
Affordable monthly subscription rates to fit every budget. Go month to month or get the popular annual subscription to save even more. We have subscriptions for pet lovers with one cat or dog as well as two cats, two dogs or one of each. Peace treaty not included. Finally, there is our menagerie box that is suitable for a minimum of two dogs and two cats.
The annual subscriptions will always have free shipping anywhere in Canada and low cost shipping to the United States. You just have to tell us if it is to be delivered to the front door, doggie door or cat door. ;)

Pet Store In a Box has been delivering purrs and tail wags since, like right now. 

“Pet Store In a Box is for dogs. For cats. For life. Four legs.” Kevin MacKenzie  

 Our Founder and Owner Kevin MacKenzie accepting one of his many awards for sales and customer service in the pet industry.  

Kevin working at his first pet store around 1991

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