Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Pet Store In a Box?

Pet Store In a Box is the result of 28 years in the pet industry and making many observations and speaking to thousands of cat and dog owners. We are a monthly pet subscription service. We deliver premium pet treats, toys and accessories to you and your pet. 

How does it work?

Around the 25th of every month we send you (really we are sending it to your pet) the box of the month. The longer you sign up for the better the value. Our annual subscriptions are the best deal.

How are the boxes priced?

All single boxes are valued up to $60. The longer you subscribe the bigger your savings. We offer month to month for those wanting to give us a try and annual subscriptions. The annual subscriptions have the best value. 

What if I have more than one pet?

No problem! Pet Store in a Box offers single cat boxes, multi-cat (good for two or more cats) boxes, single dog boxes, multi-dog (good for two or more dogs) boxes, a cat and dog box (perfect for the home that has one cat and one dog) and 'The Menagerie Box' that is suitable for a minimum of two dogs and two cats.

What's in the box? 

Each box contains an assortment of premium pet (cat or dog) treats, toys and accessories. The number of items may vary from one month to the next depending on each item's value. Most months are between 6-8 items however there might be months with bonuses or months that might have higher value items. 

When is the next box being shipped?

Boxes is shipped out between the 25th and 27th of each month. 

What is the cutoff to order? 

Around the 15th of each month is the cutoff. There could be a two day window due to holidays, weekends, high volumes, out of stocks or other unforeseen issues. If you order after the cutoff and before the next shipment your order will carry over to the following month.

Can I order a box from a previous month?

Any left over boxes from previous months will be available on a first come first serve basis at a reduced rate. Please check the "Shop" tab on the main menu.

Do you sell anything else that isn't on subscription?

Yes! We have a number of cat and dog items for one time purchase. Please check the "Shop" tab on the main menu.

Why does my my discount code not work?

Please check to make sure your code is for that particular box such as a one month box versus a annual subscription. Most promo codes and their explanations can be found on the home page.

What accessories are included?

Anything that isn't a treat, toy or food such as brushes, shampoos, collars, leads, tie-outs, pet waste bags, litter scoops, essential oils, etc...

Are you ready to subscribe to Pet Store in a Box?

Get started today with a subscription box for the pet you love or the pet lover you know.